The Groningen Business Owner’s Agenda is a plan to make the retail sector in Groningen strong, vibrant, attractive, and ready for the future.
This is an agenda that not only charts a course for the various themes but, most of all, calls for the parties to roll up their sleeves and get to work on specific actions and projects. The Groningen Business Owners’ Agenda is an initiative of the Groningen City Club and Bedrijvenvereniging WEST, in consultation with other business associations and stakeholders. It is the purpose of this agenda to provide a guideline for a collaboration between the business owners and the city of Groningen, Het Fonds, and other partners to ensure a successful future for Groningen as a shopping city. It is no coincidence that Groningen is called the Retail Capital of the North!

To inform all our interested friends and collegues from abroad, as well as all the students who decided to come to Groningen for their education, we decided to provide an English version.

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